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Let's Learn About Laura Nearhood, RN!

Hello! My name is Laura Nearhood! I am a registered nurse at Susquehanna Wellness Clinic. I have been a registered nurse for 26 years. My background as a nurse began by caring for individuals in personal care living. Following my time in personal care, I worked in a local medical facility in the pediatrics/surgical unit, Intensive Care Unit and then most of my career in the Emergency Department. Prior to becoming a nurse at SWC, I was a nurse care manager for the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, Inc.

Being a part of the staff here at the clinic is refreshing. We all bring something unique to the table as we are from all different backgrounds and this gives the clinic a clear edge to take care of an individual holistically. In my years of practicing, I have found a few very important topics that I am very passionate about. I believe that being prepared should be everyone’s priority. This means a few things – being vaccinated against diseases there are vaccinations for and having end of life plans. One never knows when or how their life will end. Being prepared includes informing loved ones of your care wishes and putting this in writing to ensure your wishes are followed in every aspect of your life and in death. Having this done also lessens the burden on family members when this information is needed. It is tough topics like these that our staff are experienced in and want our patients to be knowledgeable about when navigating their health journey.

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