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Village of Hope residents benefit from in-home doctor visits with Susquehanna Wellness Clinic

From left, patient Margaret Beveridge, Dr. Jessica Ayres, and RN Sandra Turner discuss treatment options for Margaret’s knee injury during a recent in-home doctor’s visit.

WEST DECATUR, PA. – As the Village of Hope (VoH), Mature Resources’ multi-generational and multi-ability community near West Decatur, continues to grow, so does the need of residents for access to medical care. Many residents have made the switch to Susquehanna Wellness Clinic (SWC), another division of Mature Resources, to meet that need with in-home doctor’s appointments and medical exams that are available to them, or to those living anywhere in Clearfield County with a demonstrated need.

“I can’t travel, so it’s great to have her come here to see me,” said Margaret Beveridge during a recent appointment in her home with Dr. Jessica Ayres. Beveridge is recovering from a knee injury sustained during a recent fall, among other health issues. She said, “I was using a cane for a while, but then that became difficult. Then I switched to this walker, but it just keeps getting harder to walk.”

For the safety and convivence of their patient, Dr. Ayres and Registered Nurse Sandra Turner see Beveridge in her home regularly, and during the most recent appointment, performed a full medical exam that included an evaluation of Beveridge’s knee and recommendations on future treatment with a specialist to increase her mobility.

“I love that we’re able to offer in-home visits,” Ayres said. “I love working for this clinic and Mature Resources. We have the ability to do so many things that go above and beyond for the patients, like same day appointments, home visits, in-home prescription management and vaccinations, and so many things that just help people in the community. It feels good to help people and have an impact.”

Doctors at SWC also notice that patients are often more relaxed when in their home environment, which helps them to open up about their needs.

“It’s important to build relationships. I need to get to know patients,” Ayres explained. “You need to keep people comfortable or else they may not truly express what they’re thinking or feeling, or what their concerns are. If you don’t have that information, you can’t offer all the help they need.”

Beveridge said that relationship building is meaningful to her, as well. “She cares about people. She’s a lot more than a doctor,” she said of Ayres. “I just lost my nephew, who was very sick, and I watched her care for him also, and help him to feel comfortable. I miss him, and she listens to me and talks to me about those feelings.”

Beveridge said her nephew encouraged her to move to VoH when he learned of his illness, knowing he eventually would not be able to help her with daily tasks. She said, “I wanted to stay home at first. But we came and saw this place and I realized this is much better. I’m all on one floor, I’ve got a kitchen, laundry, shower, porch; I can open my windows. I have a home. I have friends and neighbors here that check on me. I have everything. And I knew I needed to take the opening here while I could, because I would not be happy in assisted living.”

Village of Hope is situated on nearly 50 acres in Wallaceton Borough and Boggs Township, Clearfield County near West Decatur. It is an inclusive M.A.G.I.C. Community (multi-ability, multi-generational, inclusive, community) where individuals of all ages and abilities are welcomed and appreciated as unique and important to the overall functioning of the community. The mission is to provide more options outside of traditional assisted living or nursing home environments for people who can live independently but may need some assistance with daily tasks. This may include individuals experiencing cognitive changes, adult children with disabilities, grandparents raising grandchildren, as well as families and single individuals.

Dr. Ayres is accepting new patients at Susquehanna Wellness Clinic at both Clearfield and Frenchville locations. Same-day appointments are available. Call 814-765-2695 for an appointment, or email Visit for more information.

Duplexes and single-family homes will both be available as the Village of Hope grows. For more information, visit or call 814-765-2226.

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