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First Day of Fishing Season Means Added Outdoor Relaxation Activity

One of the most relaxing activities will have open season soon. What is that you ask? Fishing in Pennsylvania. Opening day for trout season will be Sunday, April 3, 2021. There have been some changes made this year but this does not change the fact of how relaxing fishing is.


What? I don’t hear anything but water.

Exactly! The relaxing sound of a slow-moving creek is wonderful.

Fishing season brings back so many great memories for me as a child and even as an adult. Learning to tie flies and putting on waders to go out and…. Yes, slip on the first rock I stepped on and fell in the water. Great times! It got better when I would go with my dad and would cast out only to find my worm hanging from a tree branch or the hook caught in my dads fishing vest as I was still looking into the water for where it should have been. As the years went by I did get a little better and was asked to stand down creek a half mile or so from anyone else… for their safety of course. I did say relaxing right? It was eventually. Just sitting along the creek and listening to the flow of the water with a worry-free mind. I could sit for hours watching my bobber so gracefully bounce on the water with no worries in the world. Enjoy the day with family and friends but remember to follow the rules for you and everyone’s safety.

For more information on Fishing this 2021 season visit PA Fish And Boat Commission's Website.

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