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Susquehanna Wellness Clinic offers free, in-home COVID vaccinations

Clearfield County is now among 13 Pennsylvania counties with high levels of community transmission of COVID-19, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), with an average of 27 new cases reported in the county each day. The Coronavirus has been identified as the cause of 360 deaths in the county. The CDC marks Clearfield County’s vaccination rate at 51percent of the total 78,304 residents. The Mayo Clinic warns that individuals who are older in age are at a greater risk of serious symptoms, with those aged 85 and older at the highest risk.

“The clinic has already provided 173 COVID vaccines to Clearfield County residents since the release of the FDA approved vaccines,” said Susquehanna Wellness Clinic Practice Manager Megan Patrick. “This is a total number of shots given, not individuals served as people have received the initial two shot series and booster shots up to this date. These were provided to home-bound individuals who could not make it out to the local COVID vaccine clinics or, found it difficult to arrange transportation to one of the clinics in the community.”

Qualifying, home-bound seniors, or those who find it difficult to travel, are asked to call the clinic at 814-765-2695 to be placed on a list for the next round of in-home vaccinations. A date will be chosen for administering vaccines once the list is filled. Clinic staff will then follow up with those who signed up to schedule an appointment.

Mature Resources, a subsidiary of the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, (CCAAA) opened the Susquehanna Wellness Clinic in Frenchville in 2020. The agency followed that with the opening of a second location in the former PennDOT building on Daisy Street in Clearfield in 2022. The clinic’s mission is to provide patient-focused care for adults age 18 and older with an emphasis on providing quality and meaningful care. The comprehensive approach provides chronic care management, telehealth and telemedicine services, as well as onsite health and wellness programs. Other services include patient transportation to medical appointments, in home services to patients physically unable to come into the clinic, and remote visits to senior centers and high rises. Additionally, SWC participates in most managed care plans, processes most insurances, and is able to accept credit card and cash payments.

For more information, or if you have questions regarding COVID vaccines, call the clinic at 814-765-2695.

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